Wireless Erotica

Wireless Literotica

If you have wireless access to the web, there is no longer any excuse to miss any of the 100,000+ adult stories at Literotica.

Working with our massive team of developers and graphic designers (one guy), we have created a way for you to access Literotica from your iPhone, WAP or HDML enabled phone or from your Palm or compatible PDA device.

Using these mobile sites, you can access the entire library of sex stories, articles, and erotic poetry that Literotica has to offer - all free of course!

Please give these services a try and let us know what you think. Send your comments here.

iPhone Literotica (New!)
Requires an Apple iPhone or iPod
or compatible mobile device.

Requires WAP or HDML compatible
phone or other device.

Wap Emulator for Normal Browsers.
Requires Palm Pilot, Visor or other
compatible PDA device.

AvantGo Channels Available.
Our main site written in standard
HTML for IE, Netscape, etc.

The mother ship.

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